How we work

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How we work

We offer the whole product. We monitor the process, from the very first contact to delivery.


First of all, you tell us your idea and we start studying your requirements. Our content advisers and journalists who will write the script join in. It’s the moment to research and compile information, to take photos or to film, record sound and to generally get a real feel for the project.

We then analyze the technical requirements for the production process. We believe that every effort should be made at this point and we do not start recording until we have the best possible script and have your full approval.


Then it is time to put all these ideas we have gathered into production. The first thing to do is create a work plan for our team of composers, musicians, narrators and sound and recording technicians. Systematic planning is essential to avoid wasting time and to keeps costs down.

All of our sound-tracks are original composed by the Malvado Sound Lab for each individual project and therefore royalties do not have to be paid. If required, we can register the author´s copyright in your name.

Post- Production

Recording is now over. Now the post-production team works on mixing, editing and mastering of all the material, adding any necessary sound effects in order to capture the essence of the text, converting it into sound.

Malvado Sound Lab is able to offer a host of effects.

Before finishing our work we deliver an initial version for your approval and any new corrections. The final step is to adapt the product to any format that is required. We can also help and advise you on this.

Now you have something different and of a high quality to offer your customers. Just hear the difference!

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