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Malvado Sound Lab S.L.

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The company

The difference is in its content. The Malvado Sound Lab is a sound laboratory, a laboratory in which the word is adapted to the ear. This means we are not content to do the obvious, just telling you what others have written, saying what has already been said, embellishing an indifferent content.

If you need to provide your product with sound we can help you. Take a look at our services and the way we work. Come and meet the Malvada company. But first we want to make one thing very clear: We don´t do “I need it at once” or “that will do”. Our work is creative and of a high standard. We do our utmost to produce the best possible result.

In spite of being “Malvados” (wicked) we are committed socially, which is why we apply a sustainable criteria in our work process and support charity projects that aim to improve the standard of living of those in need. Malvado Sound Lab works alongside NGOs one hundred percent, that is, all profit made goes integrally to Aid Projects.

Malvado Sound Lab has one clear objective: to make the whole experience enjoyable. We want you to listen to what you can´t see, to recognize what you can´t hear. We set sound to time. We provide the sound-track to history. Listen to the difference.

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